I am a yoga teacher, a writer, and a yoga&writing workshop creator. In my own writing, I dabble mostly in creative non-fiction, lyric prose and poetry. I love the experience of writing post-meditative yoga practice, which gives rise to entering the wildly free labyrinth space of non-linear stream of consciousness thinking, feeling, and drafting.

As a reader, a writer, and a human being, I am fascinated by the role both cognitive and visceral memory play in our lives, our writing, and in our relationship to self.

I completed my 200HR mind/body Integrative Yoga Therapeutics training under the guidance of Bo Forbes. This particular “whole being” style of yoga, with its multi-layered approach to mind, body, and spiritual awareness, is one that grows richer each time we step onto our mat and ground into our physical body before picking up our pen. As we grow our physical, mental, and spiritual practice, we continue to peel away outer layers in order to access our authentic self, and our authentic voice.

I feel blessed to teach integrative vinyasa and restorative yoga classes at various locations around the city. I also consider it a tremendous gift to be able to create the space for others, both seasoned and casual yogis and writers alike, to experience the sensation of writing from embodied space.

I am humbled by the way my own writing practice has grown and deepened as a result of knowing myself better on my mat in order to know myself, and my writing, better off of it. I have taught Yoga&Writing at Wentworth Institute of Technology, at Boston’s Grub Street-the 2nd largest independent writer’s house in the US, and at a local yoga studio.

Least you think I seem too Zen to be true, alas, I do eat meat. Which is sometimes accompanied by steamed kale. I love red nail polish, being a woman, and am usually wearing some sort of animal print of some kind, somewhere.

Favorite past-times include: good food&good company, practicing yoga at home in jeans, reading stories that stir my spirit, and listening to all genres of music with meaningful, poignant, and poetic lyrics.

To Peace, Love, Yoga Pants, and Forever Flowing Ink.

4 responses to “About

  1. Hi, Lindsey. Enjoying your articles on elephant. I can add you to the elephant writers gallery on Pinterest when you have your own page on elephant, which usually can be done after 3-5 articles. Please contact Kate at editorial@elephantjournal.com about this. Then, after you have your page, remind me again on my facebook page or e-mail. Thanks.

    • Thanks, Bob. Good to know. I did chat with Kate Bartolotta about what the guidelines were for becoming a regular columnist, so I will follow-up on that piece first. Also, there seems to be something going on with the elephant journal website right now~when I try to load the page, I am getting the message “Bad Request.” Eek! I just emailed Kate and Brianna about it, but also wondered if you wanted to pass the message along. What timing! I just had another piece published about 15 minutes before it happened!

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