Peace, Patience & Svadhyaya

Photo Via Tumblr

Her feet reach out above the earth, as if they are finally taking stance after months of shuffling thru. Toes precise and pointing wide, intuitively proud of what they are able to do. Arches lifting, with grounded intrigue, anointing the air with each breath.

Her body blows 3 kisses to itself as she feels her ribcage move, and “speak, viscera” echoes in the subconscious corners of her mind. As she links her movement to breath, she can soften into wonder and wisdom—quelling the at times anxious neurons firing in steaming space, thoughts boiling over from the depths of a pressure cooker, adrenaline-provoking questions, and stories that self-marinate inside. Brain and body take a step back from cyclical thought and roundabout worry, and body and Being can again embrace the flow of peaceful inner sanctity that exists within the re-patterning curvature of the mind/body’s visceral clay. Her shoulder girdle moves. And with scapulas like wings working in unison, she remembers how it feels for neuroplasticity to not only be meant for the scientist, or the dreamer.

Her quadriceps lengthen back as her triceps engage, and her spirit flows everywhere. Embodied resilience never felt so good. Her palms reach east and west and remember what it’s like to spread joy-the way gratitude can reach fingers wide. She exists under a blue expanse of sky that becomes comfortably endless, and her feathers of fight soften as her body lifts into supported flight. Possibility runs along her calves. Meta awareness broadens her collarbones, her eyesight, and her capacity for insight. As her body builds strength, body& mind build resilience: flexibility around life’s constant change. She can move, and be, and breathe, notice fluctuations like desert weather patterns that shift with the same predictability of the hovering sky’s free form clouds. She can linger long enough for them to part way, catch sight of her own loving shadow, its gentle mind and compassionate heart.

And those 3 kisses become peace, patience and the space for svadhyaya (self-study).

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