Vrksasana City {Poetry}

Yoga & Concrete

Hannah Cohen Photography

In the hustle and bustle of December city life, how do we preserve our minds from energetic strife? One foot grounded in a concrete flow, while our larger Soul muscles long for somewhere warm and sacred to go.

On those days where we feel like trees seeking the forest, the earth on our skin would be heaven sent and our lungs gifted by Mother Nature’s florist. When our Spirits have roots housed in bodies with limbs like branches that breathe best with spacing, yoga becomes the cure for integrated mind/body pacing.

Your 2 elbows spreading apart and reaching wide,

palms pressing together in gratitude,

above a surface that provides movement toward hamstring latitude.

With streetlights and shadows at 4pm dusk, bringing ourselves to the mat becomes a holiday (weekly) must.

While balance accounts for both the ebb and the flow, compassionate awareness becomes something cellular our bodies remember that they know.

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