Saturation & Tissue Rehydration


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She stood in the rain, slowing long enough for her bare feet to absorb the wet earth’s moisture, the sensation on her skin a reminder of how it felt when her muscles paused to rehydrate. Remembering: supported rest is what they need in order to be capable of absorbing more. More exercise, more movement, more water, more life.

Remembering that is wasn’t just about water passing through her lips and over her tongue, it was about lingering long enough for the liquid to move back into her tissues. The way it naturally does when exertion is removed, and muscles release their strain, as the body allows itself to be supported by the earth. By slowing down, by moving into green blanketed and bolster-propped savasana-supported surrender.  By the rain.

Have you done that yet this week? Let your toes & heart & hands remember what it’s like to pause, linger long enough for your fascia, muscles, and mind to re-balance?

Rehydrate. Release.


Allow your forearms to whisper to you all the cellular awareness they’ve built up over the past year.

Listen to your Spirit’s willingness to move forward into this new year with an un-caged passion, all the while knowing that sometimes the way to keep your momentum and pacing is by slowing down long enough to catch back up with yourself.

Slowing just for a day, an hour, a moment. Long enough for your mind to edit back *in* all the cell and soul growth you’ve interwoven into your Being along the way.

Saturate for a moment.


{Humanly Ambitions}

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