Dream Wild, Live Inspired

Dream Wild, Live Inspired

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Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

                                                                                                             ~Mary Oliver

As you journey into 2015, what questions live inside your elbows and toes? How are you living into them and how is that inhabitation part of your larger quest or vision?

In order to feel our way into growth, we need a little space-access to that pause in between inhale and exhale, the quiet moment that hovers just after one thought and before the next. Connection to the gentle hollow that lives alongside the horizontal ivory arching lines of our ribcage, in the articulated movement of the intercostal muscles that allow the thoracic cavity to expand as we inhale, receive enough breath to send down the spine, inviting 33 vertebrae to move fluidly along the curvature of their vertical wavelength.

That space rests quietly inside the community of bones metacarpus & metatarsus, the intermediate parts of hand & foot, complete with their own head-body-base: foundations for the bones that join together to give rise to fingers and toes. The structure of these two frontiers have been supporting the fabric of our tissues for years, carrying lifetimes of accumulated somatic & muscle memory, giving us strength, providing us with balance, and enhancing our suppleness along the way.

Our skeletal map is sturdy and spacious and designed to allow for a moment of sensory stillness in between one step and the next. To welcome in the room that lives between the 4 gaps of a palm’s extensions as they spread wide in 5-finger energetic expansion when we reach pinky and thumb, right to left. Middle finger pointing towards midnight.

That’s where possibility exists.

It’s the thin-as-air line in-between two palms pressed together in prayer, thumbs grounding at sternum center while elbows reach proudly in two directions.

It rests both in the before and in the after, in the has been and the will be and in every inch of space along the way.

The interlude. Invite your eyes, ears, head and heart to see the pause not as a void of empty, but as an outline full of potential, a hiatus pregnant with possibility.

Notice the space narrow as your throat muscles draw together in support of one another, giving rise to your breath as it mirrors the wind, fanning the flames of your own alchemy. Can we encourage that gentle congregation?

Scatter the seeds of intention released from the rhythm of aliveness echoing out from the beat of our own hearts.

Invite our entire Selves to get curious& flexible about the potential that lives within the latitude of growth and change. As our perspective widens enough, we notice two arms resting alongside the basket of our ribs, like lose flowing garments that our shoulders choose to wear.

Inhale, In-spire, be breathed upon.

Welcome in a sense of wonder about all the many pieces of yourself, & see what kind of possibility takes root for your one wild and precious life.

{Embodied Inspiration}

2 responses to “Dream Wild, Live Inspired

  1. This is beautiful, Lindsey! I love the part about the metacarpals and metatarsals, it always amazes me to think about how each little bone in my foot (so many) make up a “community of bones” that enabled my first step and every step since then.

    • Hi Laura~
      Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. 🙂 Our conversation inspired that piece-so glad that it reverberated with you. And yes, the body truly is magical.

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