To You, Love Me

“I got my eye on the scar, that runs clear from your temple to your jawline. You’ll tell me about all your thoughts right this minute, and I will tell you mine. Because I got the wind in my hair, and I’m far away from where I used to be, but I got all my attention fixed on you, and you’re just where you said you’d be.” ~The Mountain Goats “Adair”

All we’ve ever wanted our whole lives is to love and be loved. And so love shows up, ten fingers and ten toes. Glittering and porcelain, glorious and unexpected.  Like wisps of perfume we walk through at department stores-equal parts subtle, unexpected, inescapable, intense. Evolutionary.

And wrapped up in thorns and self-limiting habits and all the fractured pieces of ourselves we’ve accumulated along the way.

Every snare visible from where we’ve loved and lost before, every delicate scar still palpable, surprising to even us as we unexpectedly uncover each other’s unique vulnerability.

The unexplainable chaos of the stars exists above the depth of universal sacredness that lies in our human and otherworldly connections. Like electrons bouncing off each other, sometimes no matter how many times our hands grasp and try to hold on, love can have a way of slipping through our fingertips like the most quixotic and small grains of pink desert sand.

These are the very things that teach us to develop, so we can know these things, grow and deepen parts of ourselves more fully, so that the pain of loss doesn’t engulf us-sear our flesh from the bone.

So that we can make our way back to our most profound sense of wholeness, scars included, instead of permanently losing pieces of Us along the way.

Can we allow love to break us wide open? Not so that we crumble, but so we can discover our own resilience and connect to the pieces of ourselves that need and deserve more sacred self-love.

And know that in love’s perfect imperfection, we’ve helped to make each other more beautiful. Having scuffed, bumped, and polished each other into our own earthly fullness. With our own unique hearts to carry forward with us that flow open with the depths of wise and compassionate oceans. Even better for next time.

Now self-sufficient enough to satisfy our own inner voice that is saying-stop everything, and love me.

I wanna tell you what the sky has done to me. I want you to tell me who we are. ~”Adair”

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