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I am an Integrative Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga teacher, Yoga and Writing Workshop Facilitator, and Poet. I graduated in 2003 with a B.A. in English and a concentration in Studio Art, and have a 200HR yoga teaching certification through Yoga Alliance. I completed my yoga training in 2012 through the New England School of Integrative Yoga Therapeutics. Beginning June 2017, I will be working towards my MFA in Poetry & Creative writing at Lesley University.

I teach slow flow vinyasa and restorative yoga with a focus on breath, alignment, and embodied awareness which supports practitioners in connecting to their own sense of center. I believe the tools, evolution, and perspective gained through a regular mindfulness-based yoga practice can support our creative process, and that both yoga and creative self-expression are indispensable art forms capable of enhancing our wellness, inspiring our passion, and creating embodied social change.

I have held Yoga & Writing workshops at Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston’s Grub Street, the 2016 Massachusetts Poetry Festival, and have led a number of yoga&poetry workshops at local Boston yoga studios since 2013. I am an active member of the Mass Poetry Community, and brought mindfulness & poetry workshops to a local high school in January 2017, and to Mass Poetry’s Student Day of Poetry workshops at their annual 2017 festival. I co-hosted a 2016 pre-marathon yoga class with Boston’s Frank&Oak that served a diverse population of participants. In my own writing, I write to give voice to the sacred and visceral, and I am currently at work on my first poetry manuscript.



I believe in perspective. Presence. Evolution. In the way self understanding feels redemptive. In the body as divine. In our visceral experiences as awakening both our humanity and our spirituality.

How in the moments, and life’s at times messiness, we don’t always know what we are continuing to become.

I believe in the Self as witness. In the importance of a desire to journey and explore.  Embody a hunger for life experience. Use regret as a compass helping to steer the way.  Sense into the drumbeat that guides our hearts and lures our bodies forward. Relearn what it means to wonder as we wander.

How do we hold space for the “both” and “and” rather than hardening into the “either/or?” How do we use our life experiences to awaken and deepen our understanding of both our humanity, and our spirituality in a world that challenges us with how to reconcile the space between the sacred life, and the secular?

I think it might involve playful rebellion against separation from ourselves in order to create an all encompassing compassionate inclusion. Inhabiting those spaces in order to make art out of life’s many moments.

This is a virtual campfire. A place for thinking, feeling, & being. A clearing in the forest where we can gather to connect with each other, find inspiration, and remember how to listen more deeply to our own heads & hearts.

A space that can remind us how to be anywhere, and work with softening into what we want to resist. Knowing that the at times wrestling with is part of the journey.

As creators, we see taking care of our minds, bodies, & spirits as integrated acts of radical self-love and creative rebellion. We see yoga, writing, and creative self-expression as elixirs that bring us back into our own natural state of illumination. We believe in creating sustainable practices in our lives to enhance our wholeness, health, and wellness.

Our lives and the creative process of becoming all that we are truly capable of in this one wild life are not just linear and cerebral-they are cyclical and visceral. Our lives are poetry in continuous motion, *you* are sacred-flowing, fresh ink.

Join the Tribe.

To Peace, Love, Mindful Movement, and Forever Flowing Ink,


“To make living itself an art, that is the goal.” ~Henry Miller

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