Body Speak: Yoga&Writing Workshops

 Yoga & Writing Workshops: Meditative Movement for Mind, Body, and Muse

Bring your mat, a journal, a pen. And your entire Self.


Next Yoga & Writing Workshop: Embody Your New Year

January 1, 2018 10:30am-12:30pm @ Om Namo Center

For details & to Register: CLICK HERE


As exploratory humans, we’ve come to know that the sacred act of creation is healing and nurturing in and of itself. Laying words on a page and listening to what our hearts&heads are speaking is both inspiring and medicinal. In this workshop, we learn how to write ourselves whole. Unearth our souls from accumulated life dirt and limestone to rediscover the Self we’ve always been. We are energetic beings whose cells & souls vibrate best when we acknowledge & honor all parts of who we are.

Our humanity is in part where sacredness is found. The embodied life experiences that become interwoven pieces of us have a way of deepening and dignifying our own unique & wild DNA. Bringing us even closer to ourselves, our creative voice, and the world around us.

In this workshop, we tap into the embodied creativity that innately lives within us all. Creativity is continuing to be re-defined as both a body&mind process, and our yoga practice can offer us tools and perspective that allow us to befriend the body in order to access the creative mind. What stories are living in your elbows and your toes?

We start with a body awareness-building yoga & breath work practice, followed by an interactive, prompted, sense-bound journaling and brainstorming pow-wow. Giving ourselves the opportunity to write with freedom, space, and a sense of wonder is a solid and fundamental piece of better knowing our writing in order to better know ourselves.

We will generate the clay with which we can then work.

In this workshop, we allow our stream of consciousness to flow as a launching point while deepening our insight, molding our voice, and enhancing the essence of our words.

What you’ll gain:

-A breath & alignment focused yoga class including a restorative savanna (depending on venue, length of yoga class will vary)

-A guided exploration of mind/body creativity

-Prompted&Intentional free-writing time

-A mini take home journal for capturing your thought gold as it arises in the wider world

-Time to discuss the embodied creativity process and the option to share your drafts.

If your words are eager for listening ears, you have the option to ask for what type of response you are seeking. Do you want to know which words are working well or which images are powerful? Maybe you are wondering how to work your word clay around a specific intention. Or maybe you simply want to share your own unique music. We will hold space for each other to ask for and receive what our writing needs.

-Newly awakened creative neural pathways that with continued cultivation, will enhance your writing, communication, and day to day experiences in the world

-Take home tools to realign posture & thought percolation

-Take home tips on how the breath can connect us to intentional focus both on the mat and the page

-A writing community & Tribal connections to take with you when you leave

-A stronger sense of what it means to experience embodied creative mindfulness

All the while, building awareness around the flow of our writing, and the way the meditative movement of pen mirrors the cadenced rhythmic dance of mind, body, and spirit.

Come explore being human.

“Oh, darling, Let your body in, let it tie you in, in comfort.” ~Anne Sexton

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