1. Reach out and hold my virtual hand. Life is a journey, we are its delicately chosen students. Our life events are teachers, we are the physical embodiments of sacred souls all moving through this earth plane together.

2. Art is a way of embodied social change. Writing, self-expression, mindful creative movement, and the human experience can be lived as forms of communication with ourselves and the world around us. Our lives are fresh ink in motion.

3. Take sips of your truth, that which draws you to the light. In our quest for the Holy Grail, the shadows on our path are (sometimes) softly spoken, teaching us something along the way. Shadows can be potent medicine in the form of liquid healing perspective and translucent opportunistic thought space for our souls to grow, deepen and emerge.

4. Embrace your own Heart-to-Head resuscitation. Perhaps this is why we were given both, in the same human body, vertically positioned one above the other. Their alignment can connect us to ourselves more deeply, in order to connect with the brains, bodies, hearts and hands of those around us.

5. Flow with the voyage of self discovery, the genius notion of “wise failure” can remind us that progress isn’t always a perfectly vertical incline. In our quest, we can learn how and when to course correct, and start to develop compassionate awareness along the way.

6. Got curious? How can we understand and lovingly accept ourselves, our patterns of moving through the world, and our fellow travelers on this earth walk? Play-test.  It *is* possible to create the space to shift our patterns, trade them in and up for higher spiritual sight and interconnected earthly acceptance. Making us feel even more cozy in our own unique skin.

7. Quick Anatomy: There is a muscle you may not be aware you have: the psycho-spiritual muscle of your highest Self. That Self is capable of full & unconditional observation and gentle loving motherhood, holding all of your pieces tenderly in check. Like any muscle, the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets.

8. Lather, Rinse, Repeat and try to remember to love yourself even more if you falter.

“We are seeing these lives through our own individual ‘I’s,’ but we are swimming in an interconnected sea of ‘We.’ Let’s help keep each other afloat.” ~LAO

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